India Gets Worlds Fastest 1 Gbps Internet Connectivity

Kochi in Kerala is gearing up to be the second place in the world and first in India to get 1 Gbps internet access at the Startup Village in the city. The previous connection was set up by the search engine giant Google at Kansas City based Startup Village, which has become the leading technology incubator in the U.S. The Startup Villagebased in Kerala is the first telecom incubator in India and as the name suggests a breeding ground for entrepreneurs.

The connection cables for 1 Gbps connectivity has already been laid in the Startup Village. With this connection, one can download a two hour movie in HD in just 30 seconds and watch a YouTube video at this speed. The rest of India also has much to rejoice as this facility is not going to remain just a national novelty. According to the chairman of Startup Village in Kochi, this is just a pilot effort which will move to the other parts of the country very soon. The ultra-speed connectivity will revolutionize the experience of netizens at all levels. With this project, the Startup Village in Kochi has taken a major leap towards being the biggest telecom incubator on the planet. The facility was formally inaugurated on November 17th by the Chief Minister of Kerala State and is intended to give the Startup initiative a huge boost in terms of churning out world class entrepreneurs from the Indian campuses.

Startup Village aims at recreating a Silicon Valley in India under the mentoring of successful entrepreneurs like Kris Gopalakrishnan, Co-founder and Executive Co-chairman of Infosys, as well as the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India.

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