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Suriya’s latest super hit movie Ezham Arivu (7aam Arivu) is rocking in screens all around world. 7aam Arivu released on the day of Diwali as a mega gift to Suriya fans across the world. The trio, director A R Murugadoss, musician Harris Jayaraj and Kollywood super star Suriya have put their best effort to make this movie a super hit.

The initial story is telling about  young prince, Bodhidharma in the sixth century in Pallava dynasty in Kanchipuram. He was good in martial arts and medicine. He goes to China to save the people of a village from a dreadful disease. Initially the people of china will not accept him. But he cures the disease and save the village. This makes the people in the village to consider him as Shaolin, who is worshipped as Tao by the people in China. Afterwards he teaches them to cure all diseases. Atlast he decides to leave the city. But those people doennot want him to leave their city and they poison him to death. Then they bury him in their city thinking that their village will remain disease free forever.

After this the story turns to the present era. Now the story is telling about an engineering research student Shubha Srinivasan. This role is played by the new artist I Kollywood, Shruthi Hassan. She develops a new time machine which which can be used to match DNA. Now again Suriya as Arvinda is appearing as a circus artist. The villain of this time, Dong Lee plans for a biowar with India. He injects a virus into the body of a street dog. The virus belongs to the disease which occurred in China at the time of Bodhidharma. He was expert in all things. He was expertise in all martial arts taught by Bodhidarma to chineese. By this time Shubha research about Bodhidharama and finds out he can be brought back by the help of man with his DNA genesis. She finds out Aravinda. A descent of Bodhidharma. She takes the help of Aravind to end the menace of Dong Lee. 

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