Modi Poses a Great Threat to the Nation; Says Activist

Patna: Civil activist Shabnam Hashmi, at a press conference at Patna's IMA Hall on Wednesday, released a CD called the 'Kachcha Chittha of Scams under Narendra Modi's Administration' in an obvious attempt to discredit the Gujarat Chief Minister and his Prime Ministerial candidacy.
"This CD contains all the scams and scandals that have taken place in Gujarat under Chief Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. It would be a sad day for India if Modi actually becomes the Prime Minister," Hashmi, who represents 'Lok Parishad', said.
Calling Modi a 'communal' leader, she said that Modi, in the name of 'Sadbhavana Fast' siphoned crores of rupees to his election coffer. Through the release of the CD, she wishes to bring at least 15 major scams to light that would expose the true face of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the Prime Minister's post, she said.
Speaking on the occasion, Alok Dhanwa, a poet, also expressed his reservations over Modi's candidacy saying it would be terribly bad for India if Modi was elected the Prime Minister of India.


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